Why Pregnant Women Are Seeing Chiropractors


In California, we have the highest number of births in the United States (2007-2013). Many women that are pregnant are well educated and understand the importance of nutrition, exercise, birthing classes and safety measures. Unfortunately only a minority realize the importance of chiropractic care during their pregnancy and after.

Why see a chiropractor during pregnancy? Many women can experience swelling, sciatica, pelvic instability, headaches, and malposition of the uterus (which may impact the position of the baby).

At Huntington Beach Chiropractic, we are certified to adjust pregnant women and babies. We do a thorough analysis of the spine looking for segmental dysfunction utilizing several noninvasive methods. We will not take X-rays on a pregnant or lactating females. There is not much research on lactation and radiation; hence, we will not be putting anyone at risk for being a guinea pig.

We have two types of specialty tables where women can lie on their bellies: yes you heard me. I have yet to see a pregnant woman that is not completely excited to take all of the pressure off her back. Next we have different techniques to accommodate the comfort of a pregnant woman. High pressure is not required usually as the hormone Relaxin comes in and allows the spine to move nicely with a specific force, direction, intention and proper energy. I’m happy to report all the women that come in have relief from several symptoms and are extremely happy with our care.

We are certified in Webster and what does that mean? Simply put, there are several ligaments that contribute to the position of the uterus which may contribute to different breech presentations. Once a baby is breech, the birth process may become more complicated. So by allowing the sacrum and surrounding ligaments to be in their proper position, we are taking away any problem brought on by pulled ligaments surrounding the pelvis. A woman that is pregnant or planning to become pregnant should be seeking chiropractic care as soon as possible. The earlier we see a pregnant woman, the better her and her baby’s health will be. Personally, I have seen a lady come in at 39 weeks who had a frank breech. I adjusted her twice, her baby turned naturally and she was able to conduct a natural childbirth as she wished. It is especially important for babies in breech presentation to come in to a Webster certified chiropractor. Another one of my patients went through two childbirths. She was not under consistent chiropractic care during her first pregnancy and had to opt into a caesarean. The second birth, she chose a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caeserean) with her Ob/Gyn, and it went incredibly well with help from her consistent chiropractic care. She recovered quickly and was happy to be able to choose her childbirth.

The other wonderful experience we can offer pregnant women is we have several connections with Medical Doctors (ob/gyn), Doulas, Midwives, and Massage Therapists.

In this short blog, I’ve not even begun to scratch the surface of information we have for pregnant women so my suggestion is if anyone you know has questions, schedule a complimentary consultation and we can determine from there what the best course of action is. Happy Birthing!!!

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