Why I became a Chiropractor


Good morning! I am happy to be here and this morning I want to explain why I do what I do. This is probably the most personal talk I’ve ever done here.

I didn’t start my life deciding to be a chiropractor — rather, I think I was drawn to this profession because of events that transpired in my life.

Let’s just say I didn’t start with the easiest upbringing as a kid. I had to move at least 14 times by high school. I had a lot of trouble because we were living in some really rough neighborhoods and had to accommodate to several different environments. As an example I lived in East Palo Alto for a while. I stood out being the only Caucasian there and had to show I wasn’t afraid by doing stuff like pulling my parents bed out to the back yard and jumping off of house roof onto the bed to make friends; thus began my career of adrenal rushes. I was driving my first car at age 12, riding green horses, jumping motorcycles (my first try), and not too successfully — my face landed in poison ivy and, I looked like “Jabba the Hut” for a week. I was also roller skating, in fist fights, performing gymnastics, playing soccer (only 1 of 2 girls in the boys’ league), waterskiing etc. And then I turned 16. In my first year of legal driving I hit something with every car I owned. In fact, I had a really bad accident: At that time I owned a really bad two-toned Mazda GLC with beer cap radio tuners and (yes I bought my own cars from junk yards). I was driving on Petaluma Hill road and there was a blind hill. I failed to see the truck turning left and rammed into him at 60 plus mph. I had 4 people in the car with me and not all of us had seatbelts on. Miraculously, we all walked away. Actually the policeman that took our report drove us to our desired destination: a party in downtown Santa Rosa. I had no more motor vehicle accidents until 19.

After high school I was a very serious worker. I became an assistant manager at a nonprofit firm but decided I wanted to receive a higher education. I was also a serious college student many times receiving President’s honors, the National Institute of Health grant as an undergrad, assisting at UCSF in the bone biology department, volunteering at the children’s hospital in LA, and being in different honor societies. I went back to study natural science, then nutrition, then chemistry, and finally settled on microbiology with a minor in chemistry. I always worked 2-3 jobs as I paid for my schooling and home bills. I worked at places such as Crosscheck, Arundel Associates, and LSI Logic. I received a grant from NIH while researching as an undergrad at CSUN. I researched plant physiology (not my forte), and my passion: microbiology (anaerobic behavior to culture bacteriophage DNA). We were looking to mimic proposed microorganisms on mars.

After graduation, I took a job at SmithKline as a laboratory tech. I set up the HPV new testing format. It was my future goal to make vaccines when I earned my PH.D. In the process of getting my degree and starting work at SmithKline, I started to become much less healthy. Just a few years earlier, I could hike half dome in 4 hours. By the time I was getting my microbiology degree, sometimes I couldn’t come in and help with research at CSUN. In addition, at Smithkline (Quest), I got into my fifth accident and was run into 2X: I went back to work but could barely move. Concurrently, I had gotten vaccinated, with Flu and Hepatitis B and unbeknownst to me had responses to them. I was extremely pro vaccination previously and couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to be vaccinated; little did I know about family histories of autoimmunity and vaccine reactions. I started having all kinds of troubles with my GI system, back pains and for the first time in my life I felt weak. My former strong immune system was horrible. I was sick every other month for at least a year. I had also been told I would not conceive any children (not due to the vaccination by the way).

So many things happened: I was taking 10 Motrin at least 7 days a month, I was sick all of the time, I didn’t feel like myself, and I had neck, upper and lower back pain from all of injuries. I went begrudgingly to my family’s chiropractor as I had tried medication, scoping, everything under the sun and the gastroenterologist suggested more drugs. Well 10 drugs a day was enough for me. I was willing to try anything. My first chiropractor was very thorough: she examined me, x-rayed me, and gave me a report before I even got a treatment. I could turn my head again the first day. I went on a very thorough program despite being a student as I knew I was never going to recover without it. Within 6 months, my back pain was reduced. After 1 year, I had no more back pain or medications. After 1.5 years my menstrual cycle was enormously better. I stopped getting sick (in fact it wasn’t until I was post pregnancy that I would get sick again). I started biking 45 miles, doing back bends again, I got up on a surfboard in Hawaii, and I hiked waterfalls in Hawaii. I was diving, flying, kayaking, and doing everything I wanted. That’s living. That’s my plan for people when they come in, to see life return. I see people that come in and have given up on themselves. I see children that are on multiple medications. Many of my patients want someone who listens, who gives them a complete plan of action, gives them at home/extracurricular help, and many I help with on an emotional level. When you come into my office you become part of our family and we do anything in our power to help you. Likewise, when you support someone like me, you are helping a little girl get to go to soccer, a little boy get swimming lessons, and an ability to give to different local charities and local businesses.

Just for the record, I have my doctor of chiropractic, Webster certification which is pregnancy specialized, Pediatric certification, knowledge of many techniques from Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital technique, Activator, Full Spine Specific, Thompson, Cranial work, Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex technique, etc. All this means is that I have several techniques to adapt to my patients’ needs. I help most people but if I feel they need outside help, I will refer them to the right professional. Great referrals for me are people who have been in car accidents. Within 7 to 10 days we can slow/stop the inflammation and try to destress the person. It takes less time to help someone who gets in earlier. A pregnant lady or someone looking to get pregnant is another great referral. Many women have better pregnancies with regular adjustments. Another is a person wanting to begin training that wants to move better. Another example of a person that should come in and see us is someone who may have chronic problems and has tried many different routes. Children in sports that have allergies, ear problems in many cases are helped through our office as well. People that have been sedentary for a period of time do great coming in. Not only do we get their spines moving, we get them more active with gentle persuasion and teach healthier habits. These are just a few examples but the list can go on and on. If there is ever a question, pick up the phone and schedule a consultation. We want people to be happy so we always do what is right.

My question to you is what are you currently doing to start “LIVING” more and can we help you with that??

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