The Importance of an Radiological Exam

The Importance of Radiological Exams

Lately Dr. Cooper and Campagna have been hearing from people about how they are worried about the effects of radiation and does the benefit outweigh the exposure which is why we want to explain why X-rays are so important. First off, people do not always feel pain where there are structural issues: cardiologists have reported 40-60% of heart attacks do not have any signs or symptoms and blockages are only seen through imaging such as MRI or EKG monitoring. Secondly, if someone is feeling pain or symptoms, it may be referred from another area. For example, the Vagus Nerve (Cranial Nerve 10) interacts with the parasympathetic nervous system controlling many different areas such as the heart’s pacemaker (Sinoatrial Node), digestion, arterial dilation, pharynx, larynx, etc.

Gray’s Anatomy states that the purpose of the Nervous System is to control and coordinate all other systems of the body. Think specifically of the human brain which is completely encased in bone. It is so important that the body has a protective shield. Think of our spinal cord and nerve roots. All encased in moveable bones so that we are able to move, run, jump, play, dance and do WHATEVER meets our fancy. So how important is our structure? Think of our structure and its importance in protecting our nervous systems. Every Single person should ABSOLUTELY KNOW what is happening with their structure so they can Correct it through Comprehensive Bio-structural plan which is tailor made by Doctors who focus on… STRUCTURAL CORRECTION.

That is why an X-ray review is so crucial to determine what the underlying problem is, determine the best plan of corrective care, and evaluate objectively how the person is improving. A program of care may be necessary to change the spinal structure and we see weekly in our pre and post radiological analysis. Change does require commitment by the person to keep consistent with visits and home recommendations. Any deviation from our recommendations result in haphazard efforts and results become a guessing game. It’s comparable to expecting to lose 50 pounds while eating well once a month. Drs. Cooper and Campagna do expect people to show up for their visits and follow any nutritional recommendations to allow optimal healing. Drs. Campagna and Cooper do also promote specific exercise to our patients to help their spines and therefore, their health. We are practitioners that promote living and not just existence, so expect us to motivate healthy and happy living. The people we have seen that follow through with care are our happiest patients! We love to see people’s lives change for the better!! That’s why we are in this profession and will continue to care for and educate any person who wishes to better his/her health.

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