How Dietary Changing Are Changing My Life

On June 8, 2015 I decided to quit my dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten habit. I also greatly decrease my coffee habit. Generally speaking I eat very healthy. I ingest organic produce and meats and healthy fats. Nothing processed. After going through some “rough” patches I started living to eat and enjoy my wine too frequently because “I deserved it”. Now there’s nothing wrong with having these things on occasion and moderately but when half your week is spent emotionally eating – that is not moderation nor is it healthy. Cheese started to be my favorite food group and I was consuming it in the amounts that vegetables should be consumed. Cheese, gluten, sugar, alcohol, excess coffee can all create inflammation and I was ready to change and be the real me again.

So what I did was start a new cleanse. I eliminated processed sugars, gluten, dairy, alcohol and almost eliminated coffee. Now it is ROUGH the first couple of days but I knew the health benefits were worth it. My brain was foggy from the sugar withdrawal and I was moving slower due to lack of coffee. I was supplementing with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, omegas, and amino acids to help keep me going. Without supplementation I would have never been able to do it. It gave me energy and allowed me to develop muscle tone. If detoxification and dietary changes aren’t done properly, people can lose muscle – the opposite of what you want.

In my new dietary lifestyle, I planned to reward myself with other things: getting my nails done, facials, going to an amusement park, playing music, etc. My whole previous reward system was based upon food and drinks reinforcing negative habits. Now it is revolving around activities that are healthy for me and my family.

It has been fifteen days and I have been pretty near perfect on my goals. I did slip on Father’s Day and ate a HUGE bowl of seafood salad (processed with sugar) and did not feel quite as vibrant afterward. However, I quickly resumed my new healthy eating habits.

Overall, I have fit into jeans I haven’t worn in months (maybe years?). My skin looks clearer and less blotchy, my eyes are no longer swollen. My jaw line is more pronounced and I’m feeling stronger. I have been extremely productive and able to accomplish many things. Most of all, I’m having more fun than I’ve had since before my last pregnancy (over two years ago). Last Friday, I rode a roller coaster three times and a drop ride four times with my daughter. It’s also a lot cheaper to go grocery shopping since meats, vegetables and fruit add up to less than junk!

I’m planning to continue this journey and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll be back to hiking Half Dome Next Year!

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