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Huntington Beach Chiropractors Provide Non-Invasive Pain Management and Relief

Welcome to Huntington Beach Chiropractic! Our Huntington Beach chiropractors, Dr. Cynthia Cooper and Dr. Jennifer Campagna, provide non-invasive treatments for back pain, neck pain, migraines, sciatica and more for patients in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley.

We are experienced with helping patients recover from an auto accident injury, sports injury and personal injury. We offer a full range of comprehensive services to our patients, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, wellness care and nutrition counseling.

Huntington Beach Chiropractic Care Relieves Back Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain and More!

Our approach to care focuses on your body as a whole rather than on a specific pain symptom. This is different than traditional medical care, which relies on medications to "cover up" pain rather than treating the underlying condition. By correcting the underlying cause of your pain, our Huntington Beach chiropractors can both relieve your pain and help prevent future injury. We use advanced spinal correction methods that are based on patient-proven techniques. Our adjustments are safe and comfortable - and an effective alternative to prescription painkillers or invasive surgery. While a chiropractor can't "cure" a condition like fibromyalgia, we can address the underlying causes responsible for this condition and help relieve your pain.

Many of our patients are surprised to learn that damage to the musculoskeletal system can have a profound impact on the well-being of their entire body. For example, a herniated disc in the lower back that compresses the sciatic nerve can cause pain in the back as well as in the legs and buttocks. This condition, known as sciatica, is best treated through adjustments that help return the disc to its proper alignment and relieve pressure on the nerves.

As  Huntington Beach family chiropractors, our wellness team provides care for all members of the family from young children to seniors. Maintaining spinal alignment is important at all ages whether you are just a few years old or 70 years young. Our pediatric chiropractors can safely help young children resolve many common complaints, such as reducing the incidence of acute ear infections. Both of our chiropractors,  Dr. Cynthia Cooper and Dr. Jennifer Campagna, are pediatric and Webster certified. As we age, our body naturally begins to show signs of wear and tear. Regular adjustments are an important, proactive treatment that can prevent many common aging problems, such as difficulty moving, chronic back pain from arthritis or problems with balance. By giving your body a regular "tune-up," our chiropractors can help you stay healthy and active long into your golden years.

In keeping with our whole body philosophy, our care extends beyond adjustments to include the entire body. Did you know, for example, that proper nutrition is essential to helping the body heal after an injury? Just as our Huntington Beach chiropractors can restore alignment to your musculoskeletal system, the right combination of nutrients and supplements brings balance back to your internal organs, which speeds healing. Massage therapy is also an important complement to chiropractic treatments that promotes internal healing while naturally help your muscles release tension.

Don't let headaches, back pain or a personal injury stop you from living your life. Schedule an appointment with our Huntington Beach chiropractors today, and let us help you return to wellness! If you live or work in Huntington Beach or Fountain Valley, call us at 714-596-2260.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Best chiropractic place I've ever been to! I see Doctor Cooper and she has helped me SOOO much!! I have fibromyalgia and nothing was helping and for the first time in 7 years I finally have been feeling better... Without medication! Highly recommend to come in and get an adjustment"
    Brittney M.
  • "Dr Jen and Dr Cooper are amazing!! I saw Dr Jen during both of my pregnancies and both she and Dr Cooper took care of me and my little one (who was 3 months old at the time) after we were in a car accident. I highly recommend this wonderful clinic - everyone that works there is very caring and professional, including their front office staff, Alex & Melissa."
    Kristen D.