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Over the years as a doctor of chiropractic, I have observed two different groups of people. One group having fantastic health, great quality of life, longevity and the other group having very poor health and low quality of life. I have noticed that the primary difference between these groups is one main contributing factor…….

The people in the first group have had great success because they have made quality decisions about their health. They made choices on a daily basis to do things that move them toward a state of health and wellness verses sickness and disease. Now you are probably saying… what about GENETICS! We hear that terminology regularly. And yes of course genetics plays a role. But what if I told you that you do have some control over your genetics. That by making certain decisions on a regular basis you can control your outcomes. In either the positive or negative direction. The term is known as Epigenetics and the research in this field has been helping patients decide to eat better, sleep better, exercise, and reduce stress levels.

It is about education. Information has the potential to change your health for the rest of your life, your family’s health for the rest of their life and you impact your friends and family members and thus can change the health of those around you.

At Huntington Beach Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on educating our patients. Our main focus is the spine and nerve system. In addition to that we are well versed in nutrition, exercise, and cutting edge information that can greatly enhance both yours and your family’s lives. We want to see our patients happy and healthy. We are here to help you reach your specific health goals, answer any questions you may have pertaining to health. Use us as a resource! We have over 15 years of experience and also incorporate these daily practices into our everyday lives. Alex our office manager does as well!!!

Continued Success with your Health!

Jennifer Campagna, D. C. , F.I.C.P.A.

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