Do any of you have sugar withdrawal symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of this can include:
1. Fogginess of your brain.
2. Irritability : yes sugar withdrawal can cause you to get angry .
3. Dizziness:
4. Anxiety
5. Depression
6. Flu-like symptoms
7. Insomnia
8. Shakes: yes this can happen
9. Sleep changes
10. Mood imbalances

To combat this I recommend:
1. Take a walk OUTSIDE. Get some fresh air and focus on breathing techniques including getting oxygen into all parts of your body.
2. Take a look around to see the beauty. We live in a highly desirable area. We have parks, the ocean, the aquarium, art galleries.
3. Sing. If you are worried about doing this in public, get a great blue tooth speaker and blast away in your shower.
4. If your energy is really low, a b complex will help you. A sublingual B12 is best.
5. If you are feeling shaky or completely off, a chromium supplement will help.
6. Emotions do come up. Sometimes you’ve suppressed emotions for years. Find a safe place and let the tears flow: enzymes are being released allowing that negative emotion to exit your body. A journal is a great way to let it out. If the emotional turmoil is severe, then there are several great psychologists to refer to.
7. Try not to have caffeine in the afternoon as it can keep you up.

Dr. Cynthia Cooper

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