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Huntington Beach Chiropractor Banishes Back Pain and Builds Wellness

Our Huntington Beach Chiropractic team, guided by Dr. Michael VanDerschelden has a true passion for helping people overcome pain and work toward complete health and wellness. While most first-time patients come into our office seeking help with neck, shoulder, leg or back pain relief, the goal of chiropractic care is much broader. Eliminating pain is the first goal of a chiropractor, but after that, we want to help our patients continue on the path to achieving their optimum level of health. Through continuing spinal adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle counseling and exercise programs, we want to help our patients prevent illness and injury in the future.

Chiropractic Care Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Chiropractic Clinic Promotes Total Health

Our Huntington Beach chiropractic team asserts that the body is an amazing organism that nature built to last. Our brains send messages all throughout the body through the nervous system, which runs through the spine. These messages literally tell each part of the body how to function healthfully. When the spine is aligned in its proper position, messages travel through the nervous system correctly and everything works as it should.

Things happen, however, that can pull our spines out of proper alignment. From rough pregnancies to lifting heavy loads the wrong way, and from sports or auto accident injuries to just slouching in front of a computer all day, we all encounter situations that can, either suddenly or over years, cause what a chiropractor calls "subluxations." These are misalignments in the spine that can lead to pinched nerves, which interrupt the messages between the brain and other parts of the body. We may still feel fine for awhile, especially if the spine is being pulled out of shape gradually by poor posture or obesity, but, in reality, damage is being done whether we feel it or not. Pain is actually a late-stage sign of disease caused by these subluxations.

So, although back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines are usually the things that bring people into our office, anyone can come in for an examination to find out how well their spines are aligned and if there might be problems brewing that are not yet manifesting themselves. Our Huntington Beach chiropractors can help people prevent problems or catch them before they become advanced. We are just as passionate about preventing illness and injury through preventative spinal adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and exercise as we are about relieving pain.

Dr. VanDerschelden and their caring staff understand that the journey to full health and wellness is unique to each person, so we get to know each patient so we can understand the root cause of the back pain, headaches, migraines or whatever pain they are suffering. We are experienced in chiropractic care and treatments so that we can offer our patients exactly what they need to help them become healthy and stay healthy. Please call us today at (714) 794-2171 to find out more.

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